Chiropractic Treatment For Shoulder Arthritis

The shoulder joint is a highly sophisticated combination of bone structures. The head of the humerus and the glenoid portion of the scapula is connected through the clavicle and stabilized by numerous ligaments and small joint-supporting muscles that preserve the anatomical integrity of the shoulder. Unfortunately, shoulder arthritis is very common among athletes who engage in sports that involve repetitive arm movements, which may lead to an overuse of the cartilage that covers the bones of the joint.

Arthritis in the shoulder is essentially an inflammation and damage of the cartilage or Shoulder Arthritis Denverconnective tissue that covers the bones, which prevents their direct contact during movements. This “soft” bone tissue can become inflamed or eroded by continuous movements of the arms, or during training with heavy weights. Shoulder arthritis is also very common among the elderly due to degenerative changes occurring in the cartilage of the bones that form the joint.

Shoulder arthritis is essentially a swollen joint that is associated with cartilage or bone damage and accompanied by pain and difficulty of arm rotation. Chronic shoulder arthritis that is not responding to anti-inflammatory remedies is frequently eligible for surgery. However, an experienced chiropractor may be able to address the joint inflammation and the anatomical changes through a carefully executed physical therapy, mobilization of the joint and targeted massage of the shoulder joint elements, depending on the precise area of the dysfunction.

Shoulder Arthritis Unresponsive to Drug Treatment can be Relieved through Gentle Physical Therapy

The pain associated with shoulder arthritis may be severe. Moreover, shoulder arthritis may impair the individual’s ability to work or train in a satisfactory manner. In extreme cases, adequate arm movement is almost impossible, since all the joint structures are swollen and the compressed tendons or nerves create intense pain upon movement or arm rotation.

A physician may attempt to address shoulder arthritis through anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen or diclofenac. However, not all patients will achieve a good response in terms of swelling reduction and a regeneration of the shoulder connective tissue.

A chiropractor may step in and solve the problem through multiple sessions of precisely targeted manual physical therapy aimed at mobilizing the shoulder joint gently and correcting the anatomical displacements that result in pain and inflammation.

Surgery for Shoulder Arthritis Should Be Reserved as a Last Option

There is no need to rush into surgery if you have not tried a non-invasive treatment applied by a skilled chiropractor ( In many individuals, the shoulder joint can exhibit less inflammation over time if chiropractic treatment is gently applied over multiple physical therapy sessions. The physical therapy specialist will evaluate the swelling and mobilize the shoulder joint in a manner that increases the blood flow and facilitates the normal healing powers of your body.

If your doctor prescribed pain-relief drugs or anti-inflammatory medication, rest assured Pain Management Denverthat they won’t interfere with the carefully planned chiropractic treatment. In fact, these strategies may work together towards restoring the normal function of the shoulder joint that allows for a full range of motion and adequate arm strength.

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