How To Avoid Surgery For Sciatica

Sciatica is a painful condition that originates in the back or the buttocks and runs all the way down the leg. This pain is caused by a bulge in the disc which presses against a nerve root. The nerves that originate from the root and go down the leg also become badly Chiropractor Denver Coaffected by this phenomenon. Getting a cure for Sciatica involves undergoing surgery – or going the non-surgical route.

There was a time when the only option available was surgery, but studies conducted across the globe had found out that non-surgical forms have been equally effective in treating sciatica.

Studies Show Efficacy of Non-Surgical Treatment of Sciatica

One such research study was conducted by the neurosurgeon Wilco C Pule MD, head of the spine intervention study group at Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands. He conducted the study on a group of 283 patients who have been found to be under the influence of severe sciatica. All the patients showed similar symptoms of sciatica, including the inability to walk around their homes and their inability to carry on with their daily normal routine. Out of the 283 patents, half of the patients were made to undergo surgery and the other half were made to undergo a conservative form of treatment including administration of medications of different types and physical therapy. Peul found that the both the groups were found to be responding quickly to the respective treatment. Peul initially though the surgical procedure would be more effective and quicker to give relief to sciatica. He was a little bit surprised with the results.

Alternative Treatment

The alternate form of medication to surgery for sciatica has been gaining ground in the last few years. Doctors have been suggesting different forms of medication, including administration of anti-inflammatory medication and anti-seizure medication. Steroid injection is another form of treatment that is recommended by certain doctors. Though, steroid injections would give relief for a few months, the patient can only take a certain number of steroid injections. Narcotic drugs and anti-depressants can also work for certain patients to get relief from sciatica.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica

Chiropractic treatment has also been found to be extremely helpful in providing relief from sciatica. Chiropractic treatment forms essentially deal with adjusting the alignment of the backbone in order to provide relief from acute pain caused by conditions like sciatica. Chiropractor Denver CoChiropractors use techniques to adjust the vertebrae. Using their hands, chiropractors press the painful region in the lower back, neck or the spine and release the tiny pockets of gas that have become entrapped. Chiropractors use their hands to apply pressure along the spinal nerves to align the spine and provide relief to painful conditions like sciatica. Chiropractors work closely with ortho specialists and neural experts to identify the problem, and then decide the type of technique needed to provide relief to the patient. The number of sittings the patient has to undergo depends on the severity of the condition, and varies from person to person. There are minimal side effects associated with chiropractic treatment and the patient undergoing treatment starts to see significant improvement in their condition over a period of time.

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