Worker’s Compensation and Pain Management in Denver CO

No one wants to be injured on the job, but accidents do happen. The goal of this facility is to effectively provide treatment for employees, or clients, from the time of the initial hire, Workers Compensation Denverthroughout the entire treatment plan, and through the final discharge.

Having the most comprehensive pain management in Denver places emphasis on early and accurate diagnosis and the effective treatment of musculoskeletal trauma. This allows employees who have been injured on the job to return to work as safely and as quickly as possible.

Time and Vested Interest

Understanding that the situation of a work-related injury involves more than a patient and a medical care team means providing timely progress reports as necessary. Employers and insurance company representatives have a vested interest in the patient and their ability to return to work.

Denver work comp doctorIt is important for employers to plan production around the missing worker and accommodate for changing staffing needs. The excellent healthcare staff will regularly provide updated treatment plans and progress notes to both the employer and the insurance provider as requested.

When the time comes for an injured employee to return to work, there may be temporary restrictions or modified duty tasks as they reintegrate back into their employment position and the expectations of the role. This may include range of motion, weight lifting or mobility limitations as the healing process continues and the muscles are redeveloped. Follow-up care for post-injury rehabilitation is not only recommended, it is also expected.

Educating Employees on Accidents

Employees and employers should be educated on how accidents occur and how they can prevent many injuries that tend to happen often relative to the specific industry. A qualified and experienced medical treatment staff works closely with the injured worker, as well as the employer and other industry representatives to discuss ways to avoid accidents and provide effective preventative care.Pain Clinic Denver

Understanding the value of education and preventive measures, knowledgeable healthcare professionals explain such concepts as ergonomic furniture, posture, and proper body mechanics. In addition, safety gear and even footwear may need to be changed or adjusted to provide the most efficient and healthy environment for the worker and the workplace.


When seeking a partner in healthcare and treatment for work-related injuries, employers want to know that their employees will fully recover and return to work within a reasonable time frame.  This can only be accomplished when attending Denver pain management doctors and their supportive healthcare staff have received proper training in both the physiology of the body mechanics, but also in relevant workman’s compensation procedures and guidelines.