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Automobiles weigh thousands of pounds, and when they are going 55 miles an hour or more down the road, and then impact with another, the force of it can be devastating both to the car and the human being that is driving it. Even if people have mild accidents, the sudden stopping of a car can cause forces to bend the human body in ways it was not designed to and cause injuries. The clinics involved in the Colorado Pain Network deal with people who have suffered from auto accidents and need their pain management expertise.

Pain Management For Car Accident Aftermath

After a car accident, people have to deal with a broken car and a broken body too. While Pain Management Denver Cothe most typical injury from the car crash may be whiplash, there are other injuries that can occur to the whole body. People may think they are fine after a car crash, but within a few days of an accident they may start to feel things, and here are some common injuries in which pain management will be needed because without proper treatment, people may end up with chronic problems that will never go away:

•    Headaches: Sometimes, the impact of one car into another does not necessarily result in whiplash because the car was not going very fast. However, even a small impact can still cause the body to be thrown forward enough to cause some muscles around the neck to become sore. While the neck might not be hurting, the clearest indication of a mild case of whiplash will be painful headaches that can sometimes be so bad that the pain radiates not only around the head, but down to the back of the neck. Pain management of such injuries are going to require things like a visit to a chiropractor, massage therapy, and physical rehabilitation to get the body back into shape.

•    Neck pain and stiffness: With a more serious accident, whiplash will occur, and when the body is thrown forward because of the impact, the head, neck, arms, and even back are all affected by the whip-like motion. Whiplash can be quite serious because the muscles in the head and neck are overly stretched and then put back into place. Some people have some movement in their head and neck, but others end up not being able to move their heads at all and will need a chiropractor in order to treat their neck and manage their pain.

•    Pain in the back: The head is at the top of the spine, and with whiplash, the spine can also be affected. One of the most common areas to be affected is along the spine. Some people can be affected with not only pain, but the inability to move certain parts of their bodies. Physical therapy is often required to help get the spine healthy again and restore Pain Clinic Denvermovement to previously immobile parts of the body.

Car accidents can destroy cars and cause serious injuries to the body. People may not think they are injured, but within a short period of time, people are going to notice they are experiencing things like headaches, neck pain, and back pain, and will seek out pain management Denver Co treatment with one of the clinics in the Colorado Pain Network.

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